Seeking truth is the path Liye takes innovation first, innovation first Thousands of erections stand on the ground, everything is practical and innovation Ten years of ingenuity, a hundred years of artisan, unforgettable development, only to be consistent. In business and business, all are sincere, Jinshi is open. Employee is the cornerstone, with understanding and care for construction companies Customer is the soil, sowing trust with sincerity and quality

Strive to face the market in the future and become the most influential petroleum equipment company in the world

Outstanding team cohesion

As a strong enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales and after-sales service, all departments are tightly engaged with gears, united and coordinated, which is the inexhaustible power for the rapid operation of the enterprise.

Continuous staff training

The company's unique mentoring and supporting system, the elderly teach by hand, the newcomers learn practically, and maintain a good relationship with major oilfield research institutes, petroleum professional universities, and oilfield service companies.

Down-to-earth spirit of cooperation

Sincerely wait for the cooperation customers and deliver better products on a down-to-earth basis. Strictly control product quality, considerate after-sales service, and do petroleum equipment, we are professional.

Address: No. 37 Qilianshan Road, Shengli Economic Development Zone, Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province

Telephone: (86) 0546-7080116 7080786

Mobile phone: 15305466809


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